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The State is a fundamental and main actor in many of the business and non-business relationships of a society. Therefore, the firm seeks to advise its clients in the understanding of their rights and their interaction with the State and its entities in the most beneficial way possible.

We intend to support:

Negotiation and preparation of contracts to be entered into with the State.

Advice and representation in fiscal liability proceedings.

Advice and representation in actions filed under administrative and constitutional law.

Participation in permanent amicable settlement panels regarding infrastructure contracts.

Preparation of constitutionality claims.

La elaboración de demandas de constitucionalidad.

Analysis and structuring of formal challenges to the constitutionality of a law (tutela) and answers to such proceedings.



  • To indicate the elements to be taken into account when contracting with the State or formulating claims therewith.
  • To point out how to proceed in case of issues arising from contractual or non-contractual relationships with the State or its agencies.
  • To state the elements to be taken into account whenever a fundamental right has been violated, indicating the manner to proceed for protection of such right.